Beauty Starts From Healthy Skin

Sunday, August 18, 2013
"Beauty starts from healthy skin." Have you ever heard this quote? I absolutely agree with this quote. No matter how pricey and great your make up, if you don't have a healthy skin, it's just kinda useless.
Honestly, I'm a make up addict. I use make up everyday. Like BB cream, pact, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush on, primer potion, and many more. As we know, daily make up sometimes can give us negative impact like acnes, comedos, blackspots, and so on. How can we keep our skin shiny and smooth though we use make up everyday?

I use Dr.Esther products to clean my face from make up. They are milky cleansing, radiant toner, brightening cream (day and night), sensitive night cream (acne cream). They are very mild and fit for teenager like me. And FYI the price is very cheap. That's why I don't trust this product at first :)) But this product's successfully keep my skin from acnes and comedos.

I have self treatment at home eveyweek to keep my skin health ( you know we can have facial treatment at clinic only once in a month). The mask I've ever used came from Etude (Essence Collagen & Take Care of My Skin *Pearl Extract*), Innisfree (Shea Butter, Lemon, Avocado), Purederm (Cucumber & Grape Yoghurt), and Bhavipat (Lemon Sleeping Pack).

If you ask me to choose. I choose Etude Essence Collagen :)) Why? In my experiences, overall they have same effect for my skin. They make your skin smoothier and give it nutrition but not brightened it up. And one thing that make me a little confused, Etude Collagen doesn't contain any 'brightened up' formula. But it can brightened up my skin :))
That's all I think. Thanks for visiting xoxo

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  1. SETUJU, harus lebih padetin produk Skincarenya sekarang, ahahahaii~~