Road to Costume Parade

Monday, September 16, 2013
Fashion Design become one of the most favorite activity. There're so many people who want to be a fashion designer lately. I don't know why, but 'designing' seems become a trend now. And now, honestly I'm one of them! :)) I joined one of the Fashion Design School in Malang on April. It has three levels for 'Fashion Design' subject. They are 'Basic-Advance-Consept' . I'm in Consept Level now and still doing my portofolio as the last project before I graduated and become a young designer :)) FYI, my school will hold a graduation in Malang Town Square on November. There will be also fashion competition and costume parade. I will join the costume parade. I designed the costume with 'We Are Part of The World' theme and I also should be the model of my own design. Here's the design and the simplest way to make it :

1. Design your own costume with mechanic pencil

2. Border the line with 0.2 drawing marker ( part of the body)

3. Border the line with 0.3 drawing marker ( clothes, shoes, heels, skirt, necklace, etc )

4. Give color. In this case I use copic. Copic seems like spidols, but it has brush. So it's very easy to apply. I love copic though it's a little bit pricey. It costs $5.2/pc.

5. Shading! It makes your design more eyecatching and real. The application is easy. Just use your color pencil and color on both sides of your design. (must use the same darker color)

6. Outline! Use your black spidol to give outline to your design. Do it carefully :D

7. TADAAA!! Your design is successfully done :D

See you on next post!
Thanks for reading! xoxo
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