Tuesday, November 19, 2013
"A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face and terror"

 Well.. Well.. Well
Who can deny this quote?
Hair is a lady's crown, right? :D 
I bet no one wanna has frizzy-dry hair.. It's totally a mess and worst nightmare! 
But how could we get a healthy-shiny hair? I'll recommend you one of my favorite hair product lately, it doesn't waste your money but it has really great benefits. Say no to bad hair day!

Goldwell Dual Sense Pure Repair 60 Sec Treatment!

This hair mask product came from Goldwell, one of famous Germany brand. The packaging is good and it contains 6.7 oz of mask. It has very mild-smooth texture. Though it's a mask, I usually use it as conditioner, cause my hairdresser told me so. It can be used as conditioner.

How's the result? It does give you healthy-shiny hair. This mask is really suitable to me. I have done so many chemical treatment to my hair, like smoothing, perm, coloring and many more since I was in Elementary School. I also often do styling to my hair using curly iron.. It brings negative effects for sure like hairfall, and breakage.
But since I've used this product I feel like I had my thick-healthy-shiny-smooth hair is back!

Excuse my weird face! ><

Pros :
 - The packaging is nice
- It does smoothen and gives you healthy-shiny looking hair
- Smells so nice
- Affordable ( $25 )

Cons :
- None

Rating : 5/5

Purchase again? Yes

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