Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I think it has been loooong looong time ago since my last post about fashion. I just opened my blog and realized it. My blog is almost full with beauty-review post. Now, I just wanna share my experience last night.
As you can see in my previous post, I have fashion design course in Quinna School of Fashion. Quinna held the 1st graduation show last night. Unfortunately I haven't done my portofolio yet, that's why I join the costume parade, not the graduation. Do you still remember my design? No? :(
Okay, I'll remind you again..

The graduation was held on 6 pm in Malang Town Square, but all of the students should come on 5pm. And for your information I have prepared myself since two weeks ago. I went to clinic and did facial. Also before make up, I use SK II Whitening Mask (I'll write review about it soon).. I really wanna look great in this ocassion. My MUA is not a famous one, but one thing I love about her is she used high quality products for her client. Yesterday she used POLA and other Japanese brands. Honestly, I hate matte make-up. But yesterday, she showed me if matte make-up isn't bad at all. And I'm officially so curiouuuuus about POLA products :((( *checked my pocket, crying* Why? cause it makes my skin so smoooooth and bright. I don't know whether it's because SK II mask or POLA powder.

And  I will posted my performance yesterday below :D I designed my costume inspired by Hawaiian Culture. All photos were taken by my boyfriend. Yeah, luckily he accompanied my yesterday from the beginning till the end *smooch*
on the stage, close enough? lol

call me miss honolulu ;)

special thanks to :
- God for making this graduation succeed
- Mom and Dad for keeping support me
- Quinna School of Fashion for giving me this great opportunity
- My MUA for doing her best
- My lovely boyfie for accompanying me and capturing every moment perfectly
- Everyone who is reading this post x)
Loveyou all..
Until next post ;) 

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