REVIEW : Kerastase Reflection Choma Riche Serum

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Hello there! How's your day?
I'm gonna review one of Kerastase product, uh, you don't know about this brand? Let me tell you a little thing about it.
Kerastase is a luxury haircare brand. The brand forms part of the professional products division of the multi-national Loreal Group. Established in 1964 in France, the brand first expanded through Europe, followed by Japan in 1990 and in North America in 1999. Kérastase is exclusively distributed through high-end hair salons. It is a leading brand in several countries in the professional and luxury haircare segments.

Well.. Well.. Well..
Then why do I suddenly move into this serum? I'm a mythic oil lover from Loreal actually *rolling eyes*
The answer is........
I.. just.... dyed hair again!!
again? Yes, I have dyed my hair before, right after I graduated from my High School, but the color didn't appear clearly :( The combination of superduper dark brown and little bit red. I have choose the lighter color but don't know why the result was so Eww~
What's my hair color now?
I chose golden brown with blonde highlight :D

this is my first-dyed hair

this is my second-dyed hair
So, what do you think?

That's why I have to buy color-treated shampoo and serum. And Kerastase is one of trusted brand I think. It can prevent your hair color to fade. Fyi now my hair is fade little by little, just can't imagine if I don't use both of this product, it will fade so rapidly :(( . I'm gonna review about the shampoo soon :D

Here goes..

There are several benefits of this product, based on Kerastase advertisement :

  • Provides detangling and styling ease
  • Maximizes color radiance and shine
  • Moisturizes hair, leaving it soft and supple to the touch
  • UV filter and color protection
  • Protects hair from external aggressions
In my opinion, it has very nice smell and it does makes my hair looks healthy and shiny. It also maximises my color-treated hair. There's no doubt not to use it. I'm so in love with this serum!

Pros :
- Makes your hair looks healthy and shiny
- Smells extremely nice
- Maximises color-treated hair
- Protect my hair from hair-dryer and other styling tools.

Cons :
- Expensive! It's $37 for 125 ml size

Rating : 5/5

Purchase again? Definitely Yes
2 comments on "REVIEW : Kerastase Reflection Choma Riche Serum"
  1. aaaa,,your hair so beautiful <3 (^_^) im jealous,,hehehe
    I like kerastase product but its too expensive (>_<)

    1. Thanks kak ^^
      Iya agak nyesel juga ini..
      kantong kering :(