Friday, November 22, 2013
Today I'm back to review a product from Laneige again..
Can you guess it?
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack \m/
I know all of you have already known this product, right? This is one of the Laneige best seller. It's sold every 30 seconds around the world.
The first place is Laneige Original Essence, this sleeping pack is in the second place, and the third place is Laneige BB Cushion which I had reviewed in my previous . I'm so addicted to Laneige products, that's why I can't stop myself from buying this three best sellers :( I'll gonna review the Original Essence soon ;)
So, here goes...

elegant jar - nice packaging

the contents

Product Benefits

Night time skin transmission (permeability) shows higher rate than the one in the day time.

Applying it right before sleep time, the best state for the skin transmission according to the skin circadian rhythm, maximizes the efficiency of overnight water supply.

The function of skin remarkably declines in the night time. Enriched with Beta-glucan, Water Sleeping Pack_EX deeply hydrates fatigue and dry skin while Ceramide SLN formula strengthens the skin barrier.

With containing the Snow Water, it helps to keep your skin look more crystal clear and vitalized.

- Antioxidant effect of Hunza Apricot Extracts helps brighten skin tone evenly by removing harmful oxygen and purifying skin.

- Recoverine from Chestnuts promotes turnovers of horny layers to remove dead cells away for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture.

- An aromatic essence compound exclusively developed by AMOREPACIFIC, Sleepscent™(Patent application No. 10-2009-0043726), helps to relax your mind and body and derive for a good sleep. A good sleep effect allowing sufficient relaxation eventually reinforces skin restoration for healthier skin condition. Essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood etc. are contained in the Sleepscent™.

- Light gel-type texture without stickiness but moisture leaves you a comfortable sleep.

How to Use

1. In the evening, follow the face relaxing massage after applying skin refiener and emulsion after face wash.

2. After taking appropriate amount(2.5cm in diameter recommended), mark on nose tipe,cheeks,forehead, and chin areas, and feel the scent for about 3 seconds. * Relax your body and mind through the Sleepscent™.

3. Gently spread over the face from inner part to outer part along the skin texture.

4. Go to sleep after absorption without rinsing off. (Wash face in the next morning)

* Use once or twice a week.

* Apply more than recommended amount when your skin is particulary dry.

* Open the cap and breathe in the scent of Water Sleeping Pac_EX about 5 seconds before use when you feel a heavy stress.

* Apply to neck area for neck care.

In my opinion, this product has really made my skin looks glowy but not oily in the morning, I feel my skin becomes so smooth and healthy. I always use it in the night when I had to attend some important ocassion the next day. Though it's little bit pricey, but it's worth. Laneige always comes with pricey product but the quality is as excellent as the price :))
FYI, Laneige comes from Amore Pacific, same as Etude House. But Laneige is more expensive because it's included premium brand.

Pros :
- Makes your skin smooth, glowy, not oily, brighter, looks healthy in the next day
- Smells really nice, such as aromatherapy
- It has light texture, easy to absorb

Cons :
- None, it's worth with the price

Rating : 5/5

Purchase again?
Definitely yes

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