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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hello beauties!
I bring you a good news about my competition last week. Good news? Uhmm.. I didn't win at all actually. I'm just a finalist from Miss Floral 2K13. But I'm quite happy cause I have done my best and there are so many experiences that I got from it. We shared, we talked, and we cared one to each other. I learned how to be a real 'miss'. No late and have a big responsibility. I am not dissapointed, why? This is my first competition this year. I've been postponed from competition this year. Cause I had to focus on my education. Being a finalist is one of the greatest gift from God I think <33

When I returned home, my mom asked me, "What did you get? Do you get nothing?" .. Then I smiled and said "I learned how to be a better person, I got lesson life and yeah I got this small trophy" FYI every finalist was given a small trophy as their award.

And here are the collages of my performance at that night. Special thanks to my lovely boyfie who always accompanies  and took picture of me wherever and whenever I am.

In the end I wanna say thanks to :
- God, for giving me this great opportunity as finalist Miss Floral 2K13 <33
- Dad and Mom, thanks for supporting me always <3
- Judges and chaperone , thanks for teaching me everything (:
- My lovely boyfie, thanks for accompanying and capturing me dear :*

That's all!
Thanks for reading.
Until next competition!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello beauties!
Like my previous post, I gonna use two languages in this post. The reason is still the same, I has been endorsed by Ammara Store , a great online shop that sells super kawaii elastic headband ^^
Before that, I want to review my shampoo that I'm currently using. Kerastase Reflection Shampoo!
As you know, I dyed my hair last month and I do want make the color lasts. I think Kerastase is the right choice.

Halo cantik!
Seperti postingku yang sebelumnya, aku akan menggunakan dua bahasa dalam postingan kali ini. Alasanya masih sama, aku diendorse Ammara Store , online shop oke punya yang menjual elastic headband yang super cute dan kawaii ^^
Tapi aku akan mereview shampoo yang sedang aku gunakan terlebih dahulu. Kerastase Reflection Shampoo! Seperti yang kamu tahu, aku mewarnai rambutku bulan lalu. Dan aku ingin membuat warnanya tetap indah. Aku kira Kerastase adalah pilihan yang tepat.

It's claimed can make your colored-hair remain the same up to 40 times wash! And gives nutrition too for sure. But in reality the color of my hair still fade away :'( Nothing surprises me. I can't say this product is bad or not. But there is no special thing despite the smell is very great. Everytime I wash my hair using this product, my hair go dry :( Luckily I have conditioner that saves my hair.

Produk ini diklaim dapat membuat warna rambutmu bisa bertahan hingga 40 x keramas! Dan memberi nutrisi juga tentunya. Tetapi kenyataanya warna rambutku tetap memudar :'( Tidak ada yang mengejutkanku. Aku tidak dapat bilang produk ini baik atau buruk. Tetapi tidak ada yang spesial dari shampo ini selain baunya yang sangat harum. Setiap aku menggunakanya, rambutku terasa kering :( Untungnya aku memiliki kondisioner yang menyelamatkan rambutku.

Pros :
- Smells very great

Cons :
- Pricey
- Dries up your hair
- No fades hair = nonsens

Rating : 1/5

Purchase again? 


That's all!
Thankyou for reading~
Until next post!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello Beauties!
I will use two languages in this post, because I should promote Indonesian online shop that has endorsed me :D The product I will review is an eyeliner that comes from Dollywink..
When the owner asked me to choose their product, I was confused between Mizzu or Dollywink >< Yeah, I chose eyeliner because my lovely Urban Decay is nowhere and I couldn't find it! *crying* 
Then I chose Dollywink because I has been so curious about their product since few months ago, I'm so curious about their lashes actually. That's why I think their eyeliner will be great too and I'm not wrong ^^

Halo Cantik!
Aku akan menggunakan dua bahasa dalam postingku kali ini, karena aku harus mempromosikan online shop yang sudah mengendorse aku :D Produk yang akan aku review adalah eyeliner yang berasal dari Dollywink..
Ketika pemilik online shop menyuruhku untuk memilih salah satu produk mereka, aku sempat bingung antara Mizzu atau Dollywink ><
Ya, aku memang memilih eyeliner karena Urban Decay kesayanganku hilang entah kemana dan aku tidak bisa menemukannya *nangis*
Lalu aku memilih Dollywink karena aku sudah penasaran dengan produk mereka sejak beberapa bulan lalu, aku sangat penasaran dengan bulu mata palsu mereka. Karena itulah aku berpikir eyeliner mereka pasti tidak kalah bagus dan aku tidak salah ^^

It shaped like a pen-brush and makes it very easy to apply. It also lasts more than 18 hours. When you open it, you will smell a nice smell. So soft and good. This product is really suitable for newbie and professional :D 
The price is also cheap, around 35k/pc ^^
This is my eye make up using this product...

Eyeliner ini memiliki bentuk seperti pena berkuas dan sangat mudah untuk diaplikasikan. Tahan lebih dari 18 jam. Ketika kamu membukanya, akan tercium bau yang harum. Sangat lembut dan enak. Produk ini sangat cocok untuk yang baru belajar dan yang sudah profesional :D
Harganya juga murah, sekitar 35ribu/pc ^^
Ini adalah make up mataku menggunakan produk ini..

If you are interested to buy it, just contact Sweetlicious Shop ^^
A trusted online-shop that based in Malang.
Line/Wechat/Kik = sweetliciouss
BBM = 74A00DC4
Instagram = sweetliciousshop
Kalau kamu tertarik untuk membelinya, kontak Sweetlicious Shop ^^
Online shop yang terpercaya yang berdomisili di Malang.
Line/Wechat/Kik = sweetliciouss
BBM = 74A00DC4
Instagram = sweetliciousshop

Until next post!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello beauties!
I just contacted by one of my blogger friend to create bunny-look make up.. The theme is zodiac and we should create 12 looks for each blogger. I'm so glad to create this look ^^ Bunny is identical with cute and kawaii charachter, love it!!

Here goes <3<3

1. First, I applied my bb cushion to create flawless look.
2. I decided to create cute-winged-eye look. That's why I used pink as main color.
3. Don't forget to create bunny-look effect on nose and cheek!
4. Apply natural-pink lipgloss to create natural look
5. Voila! Your cutie look is done xx

And here are the bloggers..
  Rabbit - missdjoen
  Ox- Nuria
  Tiger- Ken
  Rat- Elin
  Dragon - Anis
  Snake - Dine
Horse  - Anne
  Goat -Rifka
Monkey - Hanni
Rooster  - Ike
  Dog - Michellina
  Pig - Aldila

That's all!
Until next tutorial!


Hello Beauties!
I just joined an event in my town called Miss Floral 2K13.. It's presented by Lippo Plaza Batu, that's why it called Miss Floral Lippo Plaza Batu.. They are searching for an ambassador who can represent their mall and Batu as the city of flowers.
After attended the audition, luckily they picked me as the grandfinalist from 69 other contestants :D
I'm so happy! Then they held a city tour in the next week, to improve our knowledges about Batu City.. And we got so many stuffs from our sponsorship partner ^^

In the December 14th evening, we had talent show.. I sang at that time.. lol 
But I didn't have my picture on the stage :(
And we gonna have the grandfinal in December 21st.. also the announcement of Miss Floral Favorite :DD
Don't forget to vote me guys..
The rules are :
1. Follow twitter @kangnibatu
2. Mention @kangnibatu #dukungmissfloral 5
3. The voting will be closed on December 20th on 6pm

Thankyou so much beauties!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Hello beauties!
Seems like I haven't posted anything related to beauty yet this week. In this post, I'll make a little tutorial about baby look! As we know, baby look is identical with lovely-pinkish cheek. Lucky you if you have that perfect cheek naturally. But if don't, we still have blusher right? XD I heard if creamy blusher is the best at all to create this look. But I don't know I don't have any interest at all. So I'm using Etude Blusher Cookie (Grapefruit Jelly) , it has peach color actually.

As you can see, the packaging is super cute! ^^ It comes with the same color as the blush inside it, it also has ribbon-puff that is very smooth and cute.

It has no smell, and very easy to apply. And it lasts about 12 hours and sweat-proof! I've proven it. One day I used it in the morning and then went to college. In the afternoon I went home and took a nap. When I woke up in the evening, it still gives me natural pinkish cheek! I adore it so much ^^

And now I will make the tutorial about it..

Don't ever apply your brush on your cheek-bone only if you want healthy-pinkish look. Because it looks so fake. Just apply it in the spot I've already marked. And don't ever apply it too much, just a little XD
And if you ask for better result, you can use creamy blusher to create it more natural.
In this case I used BB cream and Nymph aura from Etude House to create glowy-pinkish look ;)
*I'll make review about them soon*

That's all.
I wish this post will inspire you (:
Until next post!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

 I'd like to thank to Lintang Pratiwi who has nominated me Liebster Award. Seems like I just posted about this award last two days. But now I got it again. Thank you so much pretty :D
Should I explain the Liebster Award again?

Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Isn't that sweet? Blogging is about building a community and it's a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.

And here are the rules..

And these are the questions I should answer ..
1. Why did you start your blog?
- My lecturer told me so to improve our English
2. What is your holy-grail product?
- Laneige BB cushion for face and Kerastase reflection serum for hair
3. Where you can get inspiration for makeup?
- Michelle Phan! She inspires me so well!
4. Which body part do you give more attention to be treated?
- My face. Great impression comes from healthy skin (face)
5. Nice eyebrow or nice lips?
- I have nice eyebrows and small lips :( Maybe I need lips become sexier! 
6. Which country you'd love to visit?
 - France, Dubai, Italy and America!
7. If you have a chance to meet someone who still alive or dead, who would it be?
- Jennifer Lawrence and Miranda Kerr! I adore them so much!
8. What is your favorite movie?
- Escape Plan <3
9. Coffee ot tea?
- Tea, I hate coffee so much! I also hate mocca and cappucinno too! 
10. What is your favorite quote and by whom?
- Prayers should be the key in the morning and lock at night - Unknown 

I nominated..
Here are the questions they should answer..
- None

I'm sorry but I just read one post about this award and then I realized, not everyone will like this award. This award is just like a chain. Honestly, I'm happy to receive it, but I don't wanna give a burden to other bloggers^^
So, I'll stop it!

That's all, beauties!
Until next post <3
Yunita Veronica


Friday, December 06, 2013
Hello beauties!
Fortunately, the weekend is coming! :D 
Where will you go? Dating with boyfie or hanging out with friends? Whatever the answer is, I hope all of you have a great satnight (:
By the way, I have a product that you can consider as your friend before your satnight ;;) It's Laneige Waterbank Essence ^^

Product Benefits
 Hydro-Holder to Retain Moisture / Hydro-Activator to Circulate Moisture / Optimal Mineral Water to Supply Moisture
How to Use
 1. After using the emulsion, release about a hazelnut-sized amount.
 2. Gently spread from the center of the face towards the contours.
 3. Cover the entire face with both hands to enhance penetration.

 love the packaging (:

classy look
it has a pump that makes it hygiene
Not like other essences, this essence shaped like a cream, but lighter than it. The smell is so good, just like aromatherapy essence. It does moisture your skin. Laneige doesn't lie, it moisture and makes your skin smooth for more than 24 hours. Actually your healthy skin will appear instantly right after you apply it. But if you asked for brighten effect, I will say it doesn't bring anything.

Pros :
- Moisture perfectly
- Smells so nice
- Instant healthy look

Cons :
- None, the price is worth with the quality

Rating : 5/5 (Can I give 10? XD)

Purchase again?
 Definitely yes


Wednesday, December 04, 2013
Hello Beauties!
I'm gonna share my job last week as Bridal Model. Model? In my free time, I often do photosession and being a freelance model for fun :D So if you need model or talent, just contact me :p
The story began when one of my photomodel friends introduced me to Ce Priscilla. She is a MUA in my town. Then she asked me to be her model in Wedding Exhibition 'True Fiance' Competition by Gracia Event Organizer. FYI Gracia is the event organizer that organized my sweet seventeen birthday party last year lol. This event occured in Santika Hotel Malang :D
As you can guess, my lovely boyfie was being my photographer again :)) He accompanied me from the beginning till the end patiently.

On 1 pm we were allowed to get into the stage and we're given 45 minutes to do make up. Just make up, because hair styling has been done in previous hours. And this is the pictures that were taken by one of my MUA via my iPad :D

So, what do you think? :D
And do you know, few of my friends decided to save my pictures in their phone, I don't know why.. 
Is it because I'm cute *slapped* or because I'm weird *crying*

And here are the pictures that were taken by my lovely one..

After the make up was done. Models were asked to do catwalk. Then we waited for several minutes and the judges announced the winner. Unfortunately, we didn't win :( Maybe next time :D

Until next post!


Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Hello Beauties!
As my promise in previous post, I wanna make a review about this magic mask! Magic? Yes, because it does make my skin looks smooth and radiant. I compared it to my make up in the next two days without using mask first. The result was not same.
I has been so curious of this mask since few months ago, and now hell yeahh I bought the whitening mask and Facial Treatment Mask ( I have no confidence to buy FTE hahaha it's so pricey and I'm afraid it won't suitable to my skin)

There's no special thing about the packaging, it shapes like other mask sheet and smells quite good.. How to use it? Just put this mask on your face and wait for 15 minutes.

Pros :
- Makes your skin glowy and radiant instantly
- Smells quite good
- Suitable to be used before make up

Cons :
- Super pricey!! I'm serious, it costs $10 for a sheet ._. 

Rating : 5/5 ( Can I give 10? lol)