Friday, December 06, 2013
Hello beauties!
Fortunately, the weekend is coming! :D 
Where will you go? Dating with boyfie or hanging out with friends? Whatever the answer is, I hope all of you have a great satnight (:
By the way, I have a product that you can consider as your friend before your satnight ;;) It's Laneige Waterbank Essence ^^

Product Benefits
 Hydro-Holder to Retain Moisture / Hydro-Activator to Circulate Moisture / Optimal Mineral Water to Supply Moisture
How to Use
 1. After using the emulsion, release about a hazelnut-sized amount.
 2. Gently spread from the center of the face towards the contours.
 3. Cover the entire face with both hands to enhance penetration.

 love the packaging (:

classy look
it has a pump that makes it hygiene
Not like other essences, this essence shaped like a cream, but lighter than it. The smell is so good, just like aromatherapy essence. It does moisture your skin. Laneige doesn't lie, it moisture and makes your skin smooth for more than 24 hours. Actually your healthy skin will appear instantly right after you apply it. But if you asked for brighten effect, I will say it doesn't bring anything.

Pros :
- Moisture perfectly
- Smells so nice
- Instant healthy look

Cons :
- None, the price is worth with the quality

Rating : 5/5 (Can I give 10? XD)

Purchase again?
 Definitely yes

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