Friday, February 21, 2014
Hello Beauties!
I come with BB cream from Kiehl's. This brand maybe sounds odd to you, but fyi, it has been created since 160 years ago by John Kiehl, a doctor from New York's East Village Neighbourhood, America.
This is a well-known beauty brand in US, cause it uses high quality natural ingredients for many decades. If you are interested about it or you want to buy them via their official site, just visit this link.

I bought this BB cream when I had to attend the interview in Jakarta last month. I bought this one in SEIBU, Grand Indonesia. The store is chic and unique. It has doctor-mannequin in the front. Yeah, because this brand was created by a doctor, right? Then I thought, is it the mannequin of John Kiehl? *slapped*
After a week, then I found if Michelle Phan, one of great MUA in the world (my fave) uses this BB cream too \m/

LOL! The left is mine and right is hers.

A dual-action formula that perfects and corrects skin
  • Dual-action formula instantly conceals imperfections with lightweight, buildable coverage AND is clinically proven to correct skin tone irregularities.
  • Formulated with a high level of Vitamin C, known for its powerful clarifying action.
  • Delivers broad spectrum SPF 50 PA +++ UV protection, this formula also helps to fight future sun damage.
  • Comes in 4 shades to suit a wide range of skin tones.
  • Provides all day hydration
  • Paraben Free. Fragrance Free. Silicone Free. Mineral Oil Free.
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin and All Skin Types. Non Comedogenic. Dermatologist and Allergy Tested.

And here is the swatch that I created :

This BB cream has sheer coverage. So if you have any pimples or blemishes, it won't help you. I recommend people with that problems use Etude BB cream, cause it has high coverage.
Lucky me, I don't have any pimples and blemishes. So I use it as my daily BB cream. It is much lighter than other BB creams that I've ever tried.

This is the result when I applied it to my face.

I know dewy make up is booming in Asia and unfortunately this product doesn't give you the dewy effect. You can combine it with Nymph Aura from Etude House.
 *I will make review about it soon*

Pros :
- Light (mild)
- Can be used as skincare cause of the ingredients

Cons :
- Pricey ($40 for 30ml)
- Sheer coverage

Rating : 4/5

Purchase again? Maybe

Until next post!
Yunita Veronica
  1. I never try kiehl BB cream before but too bad the coverage is very sheer but still worth to try <3 You looks flawless, so pretty :-)

  2. I would so like to try this, but it's too pricey for me. It's not fun being a poor student... ^^ Thank you for the review! ~