Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Hello Beauties!
I come with my babe from DKNY :D
What's that? Let's check it out!


DKNY City for Women is a floral - fruity composition. It opens with accords of white currant, pink grapefruit and orange blossom. The heart of mimosa and gardenia blossoms is laid on the base of cedar and oak moss.
It's available in bottles of 50 ml.

The packaging is simple and classy.
It comes with transparent-pink bottle and DKNY logo on the right of the bottle and on the cap.

This one is my 2nd fragrance haul this month, my first one is 212 by Carolina Herrera. I'm gonna make review about it soon. Tbh I planned to buy DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom cause it has super-fresh fragrance, then the DKNY's girl in SOGO offered me this one.

I was so confused. 
Honestly, DKNY City has better fragrance, the combination between floral-fresh fruity smell. Fyi, Be Delicious has only fresh-fruity smell I think. In other word, I chose DKNY City for sure because I did fall in love with it's smell. But how about the price?
DKNY City costs IDR 850.000 for 50ml and Be Delicious costs IDR 950.000 for 100ml.
Geez! It drove me crazy at that time.
Because of some consideration, I chose DKNY City in the end.

And I'm not wrong, the fragrance lasts more than one day. Yeah. One day!
I do love it!

Pros :
- Smells so great
- Lasts more than one day
- It doesn't leave any stain in your clothes

Cons :
- Pricey! IDR 850.000 for 50ml

Rating : 4.5/5

Purchase again?
Maybe, because I wanna try something new.

( PS : To make a perfume lasts longer, spray it into pulse parts of your body and don't ever rub it. They are behind ear, inside wrists, base of throat, inside elbows, behind knees. If you have dry skin, you should wear moisturizer/lotion first, but if you have oily skin, lucky you! ^^ )

Thanks for reading!
Until next post!


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