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Monday, May 19, 2014
Hello Beauties!
As I promised you, now I'm gonna review my 212!

A long-lasting, off beat, light floral fragrance with musk undertones. 212 personifies today's playfully hip, modern Cinderella. An exciting fragrance experience that wraps the wearer in an intriguing veil of femininity and confidence. Live life in the moment.

The packaging is classy and unique. It can divided into two part. Each part contains 50ml EDT.
It can lasts for a long time. About two days. Crazy? Yes it is!
Maybe that's the reason why this EDT is so pricey. It's about IDR 1.295.000.
 This one is bestseller product from Carolina Herrera. You can check it on other review on makeupalley or sephora.
Many people have used this one since they were teenager. It's an old product (since 1990s), but it's lovable and great!

Pros :
- Smells super great
- Doesn't stain your clothes
- Lasts about 2 days

Cons :
- Maybe the price, but it's totally worth it I think

Rating : 4.5/5

Purchase again?
Maybe, but I wanna try other EDT

Thanks for reading!
Until next post!


 Hello Beauties!
Do you know that Victoria's Secret has opened their store in Surabaya?
I just visited Galaxy Mall and then found their stall there! Actually I wanna buy their body butter via online shop yesterday, but I procrastinate it because of some reasons.
Great coincidence! :D

 Then I try some perfume but nothing impressed me. I don't know why, I just don't like with its smell. The VS girl offered me many kind of perfume, but I refused it. Tbh it's lot cheaper than mine and the size is bigger too. But their perfumes just made me dizzy

I prefered to buy their body butter, Secret Charm edition. As I told you in my previous post. I'm a fan of their Secret Charm products :DD I have reviewed this product before, you can see it here.
I bought three pieces. When I was about to leave, they offered me their lipgloss.
After some consideration, I thought I should give a try to it!


"The lip gloss you know and love, now with a sleek new look, gives your lips a sheer kiss of delicious color and shine. A grab-and-go makeup essential. Keep one in every bag."
That's the information that I stole from their site :b
By the way, I chose the grapefruit blast color.

It's just like other lipgloss I've ever tried to be honest. Just like Revlon or Maybelline products. But it's more sticky and smells like a fruit. It does make your lips glossy and sadly feels super sticky. But surprisingly it doesn't look like that your lips are super sticky :b
This is the swatch..

I combined my Revlon lipstick and this gloss..

Pros :
- Shiny look
- Smells good
- Lasts about 5 hours
- Affordable, only IDR 120.000

Cons :
- Super sticky

Rating : 3/5

Purchase again?
- Maybe

Thanks for reading!
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Friday, May 16, 2014
Hello Beauties!
Do you know what is make-up I couldn't life without?
Yeah! It's concealer.
No I don't use it to conceal my dark spot of pimples. I need this because I have super terrible panda eyes :(

And I just found this holy grail product recently!
It's the best concealer I've ever tried. I swear!
Let's see my baby!


inspired by the girl who needs a little help after staying up all night.
reset your look with this surprising lightweight yet creamy, natural skin finish concealer. cover up even the worst skin sins .
em tip: from blemishes to bags, this is your ultimate beauty weapon!

  • lightweight creamy formula blends easily
  • full, yet natural-looking coverage
  • natural skin finish

thankyou so much mish! for creating this product! 
i do love it ^^

By the way it comes with many shades, so you can choose one that really suits to you..
i chose fair/neutral colour. the lightest shades in this product.

by the way the box is pretty cool i think..
it has many motivation word inside, as you can see below.. and this concealer comes with tube packaging. i really like it!
it's so hygiene i think.. and one more, it doesn't have any smell.

how about the coverage? the coverage is really really great for me.
it can hide my dark circle perfectly.
i made a swatch with ballpoint, you can see below.
and this concealer also lasts in looooong time.
i used it in the morning and i don't have to retouch it anymore until night comes.

Pros :
- conceal very well
- lasts in a very long time
- affordable, around idr 297.000 if i'm not mistaken

cons :
- none

rating : 5/5 can i give 10? :b

purchase again? 
definitely yesssss!

thanks for reading!
until next post!


Hello Beauties!
It has been 6months since the last time I dyed my hair, so I just dyed my hair again!
This is the result!

Yay/Nay? :b
This is my real hair! Not a wig ><

I changed my hair from brunette-with-some-highlight into totally blonde. Actually I want to have brown-hair but the hairdresser made my hair into this one. She said it will be darker after several washing. And she is right! Now my hair is not as blonde as the right picture ^^

The lighter the color of your hair, the more haircare you need..
I don't know wheter that myth true or not, but I think my hair does need some haircare.. to maintain the color, to prevent it fades away, to protect and smoothen my hair..
I chose Kerastase again as my partner..


The packaging is quite simple and it contains 200ml. It costs IDR 365.000 if I'm not mistaken.
They are the benefits :

  • Preserves color depth and shine for up to 40 days with use of Chroma Captive 3-step system
  • Polishes the hair fiber, leaving it smooth for maximum light reflection
  • Features Linseed Oil proven to reduce color fading by 33% to 50% (instrumental testing)
  • Protects against anti oxidant aggressors and premature color fading
  • Provides UV filter and anti-fading protection

It smells same as other 'reflection' edition of Kerastase, and it does make my hair smooth and shiny.
I combined it with the serum and yeah! It really works!
Normally, after hair-dye-ing your hair will look a little dry moreover super-dry! 
But because of this one, I don't feel it at all.
Moreover few of my friends asked me "Do you smoothing your hair?"
Ahh. I took it as compliment ^^

Pros :
- Make your hair shiny
- Maintain the color of your hair
- Anti fading protection
- Smells great

Cons :
- None, the price is worth it.

Rating : 5/5

Purchase again? Yes

Thanks for reading!
Until next post!