Friday, May 16, 2014
Hello Beauties!
It has been 6months since the last time I dyed my hair, so I just dyed my hair again!
This is the result!

Yay/Nay? :b
This is my real hair! Not a wig ><

I changed my hair from brunette-with-some-highlight into totally blonde. Actually I want to have brown-hair but the hairdresser made my hair into this one. She said it will be darker after several washing. And she is right! Now my hair is not as blonde as the right picture ^^

The lighter the color of your hair, the more haircare you need..
I don't know wheter that myth true or not, but I think my hair does need some haircare.. to maintain the color, to prevent it fades away, to protect and smoothen my hair..
I chose Kerastase again as my partner..


The packaging is quite simple and it contains 200ml. It costs IDR 365.000 if I'm not mistaken.
They are the benefits :

  • Preserves color depth and shine for up to 40 days with use of Chroma Captive 3-step system
  • Polishes the hair fiber, leaving it smooth for maximum light reflection
  • Features Linseed Oil proven to reduce color fading by 33% to 50% (instrumental testing)
  • Protects against anti oxidant aggressors and premature color fading
  • Provides UV filter and anti-fading protection

It smells same as other 'reflection' edition of Kerastase, and it does make my hair smooth and shiny.
I combined it with the serum and yeah! It really works!
Normally, after hair-dye-ing your hair will look a little dry moreover super-dry! 
But because of this one, I don't feel it at all.
Moreover few of my friends asked me "Do you smoothing your hair?"
Ahh. I took it as compliment ^^

Pros :
- Make your hair shiny
- Maintain the color of your hair
- Anti fading protection
- Smells great

Cons :
- None, the price is worth it.

Rating : 5/5

Purchase again? Yes

Thanks for reading!
Until next post!

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