Thursday, June 12, 2014
Hello, Beauties!

As you know, I'm a Kerastase-addict. I do love their product because it's totally worth it.
I know their product is pricey, but the quality is as well as the price!
I just finished my old conditioner from Kerastase (Reflection) , that's why I should buy the new one.

I'm pretty confused at first. Should I buy the same version or trying the new one?
Okay, I'm a person that loves trying something new. So I decided to try the new one.
After seeing Kerastase adv, I fell in love with Crystalise version. It will make your hair smooth, polished, and shiny. AAAA~ 
FYI, my hair is not weightless. My hair is thick. I know some people crave for this hair. They really want the volumize hair. But trust me, the only benefit of this hair is when you use curling-iron, it will last longer than other hair :p


I went to my favorite salon and asked for that product. But the owner suggested me to keep using Reflection. I refused, for sure. I WANT TRY THE NEW ONE! 
Then she offered me this green-condi! It won't give you instant-smooth-effect like Crystalise or Reflection. But it does repair your hair. It's a best-seller product. 
It suits for people who have damaged lengths and ends.
Yes, I admit. I had done perm, smoothing, rebounding, colouring and so on and so onnn!
Can you imagine my hair?
But thank God, I was born with thick-hair :)) And thanks Kerastase for creating many amazing products!
They save me from hairloss and damaged hair very well.


Allright, let's start the review..

Simple packaging, just like other Kerastase condi.

You can read the instruction on the back side..

It contains white conditioner-cream..


In my opinion, yes it's not as smooth as other condi.
Because it absorbs well on your hair, not only on the surface..
I feel my hair becomes healthier and healthier.

Pros :
- It absorbs into deepest part of your hair
- It makes your hair healthier and healthier
- Smells quite good

Cons :
- No smoothen effect

Rating : 4/5

Purchase again? 

Thanks for reading!
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