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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Hello Beauties!
So sorry I had not posted anything lately. It was almost four months.
I was so busy finishing my degree, finishing my sewing course, also helping my parents' job.
But no worry, I will try my best to post something everyweek.
Maybe every Tuesday xx
Okay let us move to our topic today..

a new product by Laneige..
my helper my holygrail and my everything..
please welcome 

It comes with the signature blue-white box. Just like another product of Laneige.

This is back part of the box. Contains short explanation about this product.

And this, the applicator. The material looks like a solid jelly. So it is very easy to apply cause it is very lithe.

Ah yes, you can see the instruction here. It comes with few languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, etc.

This pinkish jar contains lip sleeping pack which is very creamy. Creamy but not thick.
It will blend perfectly in your lips in only 1-2 applications.
How about the smell? It smells like strawberry milk, super nice.
Ah yes, I admit. I tasted it too XD
And it tastes nothing, sadly HAHAHA


Then, how it works?
It works by gently melting and erasing your flaky and dry lip skin overnight.
You will wake up the next morning with super healthy lips.
Below you can see the result.

My chapped lips O.O

After application, it looks much better, right? By the way I applied it twice.

When I wake up the next morning XX


Overall it is really good product <3
You can use it in three ways:

1. As lipbalm
- Apply thin layer before/after lipstick

2. As sleeping mask
- Apply thick layer before you go to bed
3. You can also use it when you feel your lips dry. Just apply 1-2 layer and voilaaaa it will melt dry lips skin and making it so smoooooth
- Affordable, around $17
- Really effective to erase dry and chapped lips
- Smells super great (maybe it will be a con for some people)
- No color, it will not make your lips become pinkish

Rating: 5/5

Purchase again? DEFINITELY


Thanks for reading!
Until next post!